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Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Date: 20 May 2020 | Author: Kathryn Scarlett | Reading Time: 7 minutes

First of all I would like to welcome you to my little corner of the Internet, Hi my name is Kathryn (or Katy) and I am a Wedding Planner living in England. When I talk about my job I often get people making the assumption that this career is a hobby rather than a profession, or comments like my venue already has a planner/coordinator (something I will be discussing in an upcoming blog) why would I need to hire an external person?… In this blog post I will be talking about what a Wedding Planner is, and also why you should hire one.

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So What is a Wedding Planner?

In the simplest of terms a Wedding Planner is a professional who can and will assist, support and guide you through your wedding planning journey. They will work with you on the overall design, planning and logistical management of your big day. 

Although if you ask me (or any Planner out there!) our job is so much more than that as Wedding Planners we are also;

  • A sounding board for you to bounce your ideas off and help you funnel your pins (every bride to be’s best friend is Pinterest lets be honest!) to a cohesive beautiful day.
  • Someone who will take over the logistics and behind the scenes elements people always think just happen.
  • A friend and confidant (especially if your friends get fed up with all your wedding talk!) 


Wedding Planners traditionally offer different levels of services for their couples with varying budgets; the most popular services are Full Planning and On the Day Management  (please see my services page for a more detailed explanation). There are also some planners that have expertise in certain sectors such as destination, marquee or design led weddings.

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So Why should you Hire a Wedding Planner?

I have complied what I see as the top 7 reasons to hire a planner for your big day, there are many more to consider, lets begin;


Did you know that the average wedding takes approximately 250-300 hours to plan? That’s 7 weeks of full time 9-5 work or even watching all 8 of the Harry Potter films (I am a JK Rowling fan) back to back 15 times! That is a serious amount of time on top of a most likely already-packed schedule, and down time is so precious. 

I should highlight here that you will always be the final decision maker, but a planner I would provide you with a proposal with vetted ideas and options for you to select from.   


Speaking of vetted options as planners, chances are we will have built up relationships in the industry with suppliers and will be able to guide you to the people we think will suit your wedding style and produce excellent work. 


Working with a planner will make your planning process much more seamless, we will take care of sourcing your suppliers (the wedding industry is very concentrated so finding the right supplier for you and your vision can be a mega take) you will get a shortlist of proposals to select from. On the day you can take time to enjoy the details and spend time with your guests and know that there is someone in the background to ensure everything goes to plan.  We are also experts at troubleshooting any ‘backstage’ problems.



When it comes to design, (some) wedding planners love to step out of that box and create something innovative and extraordinary. With Pinterest and Instagram being almost every brides best friend as soon as you get that ring, it is easy to get carried away and want everything, with a wedding planner we can help you reign that in and fit within your budget!



By hiring a wedding planner this will also provide you with an extra pair of hands (or a few if your planner has a team) to set up your venue prior to your wedding. This means that you can relax with your nearest and dearest the morning of your wedding with no worries that the set up isn’t being done to your standards. Or if your a perfectionist (like me) we can work together to get everything together sooner to give you more prep time. 



Wedding planners’ main role is to ensure that YOUR vision and YOUR wedding are what YOU wanted, we will  work tirelessly to ensure that every last detail is carefully planned and considered. As opposed to a wedding venue coordinator whose primary responsibility is to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible from their side while keeping you happy (but more on venue compared to independent planners on a later blog). 



By working with a wedding planner we will be able to take the heavy lifting so to speak off of your shoulders, so you guys can take the time to enjoy the process. I personally will talk with you to  have a thorough understanding of what exactly you want from the day and then I will go off and compile ideas and suggestions for you two to choose from in a less overwhelming manner than simply scrolling through the internet. This will make the process that much more fun for you. 


So there you have it what a wedding planner is and my top 7 reasons as to why you should hire a planner to help make your wedding day all the more perfect. 


Love Katy



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